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The Elbe Tech Good quality corporate style web design built on technology that works, is so very difficult that only a small pocket of companies can deliver beyond expectations every time - and I'm pleased to say that we're one of them.
The Elbe Tech The Elbe Tech The Elbe Tech Learn how our ethical outsourcing model can help reduce cost by upto 25%, whilst retaining your current staffs and knowledge.
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Inspired by natureLooking at the world we live in and finding a way to integrate it into a design requires seeing nature from a new and very different perspective; something we are very passionate about. Career OpportunityExciting Opportunity to grow with an ever growing IT company. Grow at your pace and desire.


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Talk To UsSpeak to us directly on 01474 888 734 or/and 07852 880 249 from 9am to 5pm GMT Monday to Saturday. Our team is on hand to assist if you wish to find out more about how we work or discuss your project.


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Web and Business SolutionsTell us what you need and we'll work to find or develop a solution that meets all your requirements (and hopefully more!). We create a bespoke system base on web technology that deliver at all times.


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We bring expert creative, technical and strategic skills to every projects we undertake – providing the best possible services to our clients.

The Elbe Tech

The Elbe Tech is a global software solution and IT services provider which designs, develops, integrates and maintains business applications that enable enterprises to solve complex, mission-critical business problems.

IT Support for Business

IT Outsourcing Provider supplying small and medium sized businesses with networking solutions and IT computer support UK. Our flagship ‘Virtual IT Department' service provides your business with the full functionality of a dedicated in house IT team at a fraction of the cost and with none of the hassle.

iCloud ready

Your project will come with fully functional iCloud capability. Work smoothly without having to worry about data loss. All your datas are securely backed up and made available on any of your designated device.

Perfect for business

Whatever the requirements of your business or organisation are, We have complete and modern innovative solutions that will take your operations to the new level you aspire.
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IT Management and Maintenance Services

TypographyThe Elbe Tech offers a full suite of IT management services to customers from a wide range of markets. With more than 8-years of professional experience and a broad skillset, we are the ideal partner to manage and maintain your system's performance. In more than 8 years we have never lost a customer to a service issue and it's this focus on customer satisfaction that makes us the ...

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Web Technology (Design, Development & Application)

TypographyGood quality corporate style web design built on technology that works, is so very difficult that only a small pocket of companies can deliver beyond expectations every time - and I'm pleased to say that our clients, which include corporate bodies, believe we're one of them.

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Computer Technology and support

ColorsOur solution combines the use of industry best practice, corporte quality systems and highly skilled technical consultants to provide business-critical IT supoort services, where high availability and reliable are paramount

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Opportunities with us

Cross-platformAre you ambitious? Would you like the opportunity to earn a long-term income? Are you excited by the idea of recruiting, managing and motivating your own team? YES! Then being a self-employed Independent The Elbe Tech Sales Leader is the opportunity for you!

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